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Sort by: Hits | Alphabetical Homemade Halloween Costumes
Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults, with photos and instructions. Browse the pictures to get inspiration, and click to get instructions for making each costume from everyday clothes or materials. [ Detail ]
Costume Idea Zone
Browse creative, quick, and simple Halloween costume ideas and tips, submitted by users. Includes unusual, couple, and group outfits. Also offers last minute ideas and advice for putting a Halloween getup together fast. [ Detail ]
Halloween on the Web: Gruesome Makeup Hints
Tips and techniques to help you bring your makeup and costume ideas to life with terrifying ease. [ Detail ]
Halloween Unlimited
Offers a variety of Halloween items such as costumes, masks, makeup, hats and wigs, fog machines, props, and more. [ Detail ]
Bridge School: Wheelchair Halloween Costumes
Guide to creating Halloween costumes for kids who use wheelchairs. [ Detail ]
Halloween Costume Page
Inspiration and ideas for making Halloween costumes, instructions for making spooky accessories, tips on costume rentals, and recipes for homemade Halloween makeup and prosthetics. [ Detail ]
Halloween Costume Closet
Offers easy and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas, a directory of material sources, and costuming book suggestions. [ Detail ]
Halloween Costumes That Won't Scare Your Budget
Article with suggestions for homemade costumes. [ Detail ]
FamilyFun: Crazy Costumes
Step-by-step instructions for making Halloween costumes for children and families, including last-minute and classic costume ideas and Halloween outfits. [ Detail ]
Kids Domain: Halloween Costumes
Instructions for making kids' costumes for Halloween or dress-up, with difficulty ratings, step-by-step instructions, and tips for personalizing your costume. [ Detail ]
Easy Animal Costumes for Infants and Up
Instructions for dressing children as fuzzy and furry creatures at Halloween. [ Detail ] Banner Exchange

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