There's a couple of ways to install Fonts. The 'easy' way to install fonts is to just Unzip/place the font file [.ttf] into your Windows\Fonts directory. If you're unable to do it the 'easy' way, then try to do it this way for Windows PCs:

1] Unzip the Font(s) to a folder (or somewhere, just remember where you unzipped it) on your Computer.
2] Next, click on the START button, then select SETTINGS then CONTROL PANEL.
3] Double Click on FONTS in the Control Panel
4] When the FONTS window pops up, select File then Install New Font...
5] A Add Fonts window will pop up, just go to the folder that you unzipped the Font(s) to, select the Font(s) and then click on OK. Now the Font(s) are installed.

Now you can use the Font(s) in programs that utilize Fonts. Make sure that you install the font(s) first, then open up your programs. Sometimes you may have to wait until you computer 'auto-refreshes' for programs to recognize fonts (Windows is sometimes slow to do that).

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